Behringer X Air X18 Digital Mixer Review

Behringer X Air X18 Digital Mixer Review
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Behringer X Air X18

The competition in the audio mixer niche is fierce. Every company strives to please their customer in every way they can but it’s becoming harder and harder to do because what different customers want can differ a lot. Behringer is one company that has had to manufacture a lot to find what works for who.

The X Air X18 is one of their amazing products that can almost anyone can use for almost anything. Almost is quite vague so let me go into more detail and explain to you why the Behringer X Air X18 is one digital mixer that’s worth considering.

The X18 is just one of many other mixers in Behringer X Air lineup. It has very well-thought-out features included that allow for a great, stress-free transition from other mixers.

behringer x air x18


This digital mixer features an 18 channel bi-directional USB interface for direct recording to any tablet device, MIDAS-designed fully programmable mic preamps meant for the real audio addict, and revolutionary Dugan-style auto-mixing that automatically manages microphone gain sharing.

Unlike some other digital mixers, the Behringer X Air X18 allows for connection with both Android tablets and iPads which is very good for all those people that don’t want to switch to iPads just because of mixing purposes. The X18 also has a very sturdy and resilient chassis, a ton of studio-quality effects and Ultranet compatibility but still comes in a very compact form.

This digital mixer excels in the sound department. The EQs sound smoother and more professional than many other analog and digital mixers that are at the same price point. Although everyone has their own objective opinions of how digital mixer sound we have yet to find anyone that thinks that the Behringer X Air X18 doesn’t produce exceptional sound. Even though this mixer produces great sound, you can still use different equipment to amplify it and produce an even greater sound experience for your audience.

behringer x air x18


The X18 has an incredibly user-friendly interface that makes navigating and controlling the console an easy task for almost anyone. It also allows for a WIFI connection or an ethernet connection. It has pristine preamps, an incredibly wide dynamic range, and very low latency. With all its amazing features the X18 is in some ways comparable to the X32 (Read the review of the X32) which to this day is one of the best mixers you can buy.

For all the techies out there here are some tech specs. The mic preamps come with a 16 x XLR-1/4″ combo and the main output with a 2 x XLR, 1 x RCA stereo pair. It has a ton of effect of which include chorus, dynamics, Lexicon reverbs, flangers and exciters among others. The X18 weighs an amazing 8.8 lbs. which as previously mentioned makes it very portable. You also get an aux bus out, graphic EQ and an ultranet port.


Considering the price, compatibility, and portability, and how many pieces of gear it replaces the X18 sound like an unrivaled beast but it’s not. The Behringer X Air X18 is not perfect. Where this mixer lacks is EQ section. Although the EQs sound smoother there is no option for a “simple” rotary or vintage style EQ. You only have a parametric EQ available, which the center frequency can get “bumped” side to side when you are trying to make quick adjustments on the fly in the heat of a gig. There is nothing to “lock” the frequency in place. This can be a very frustrating disadvantage for many people. Many also tend to have a problem with the WIFI connectivity on this device. Fortunately, this is a problem that can easily be solved with a phone call to Behringer’s support lines.

behringer x air x18


To sum it all up, the Behringer X Air X18 is an incredible mixer with incredible specs and at an amazing price point. Although there are things that could keep some buyer away, like the lack of a simple rotary or vintage style EQ there are still more things to appreciate about this mixer. This digital mixer is one that we definitely recommend!

The Behringer X Air X18 is available on Amazon for an incredible $449.99 with free shipping included.

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