Behringer X32 Review – Best Digital Mixer?


If you are looking forward to buying out a digital mixer there is no better choice to make than the Behringer X32. This interactive and easy-to-use digital mixer has boomed in popularity over the last few years. There’s been an increasing amount of demand from people who want that incomparable sound that only a few mixer can produce. From high-quality motorized faders to a ton of channel inputs and buses the X32 has anything you’d need or will ever need from a mixer.

At its price range, the Behringer X32 beats its competitors with no sweat whatsoever. Although not as portable as some other mixers, the Behringer is capable of handling all sort of sound. It can also easily produce a sound output that’s very soothing to the ear. Whatever you use the mixer for it’ll definitely satisfy your needs.


Behringer is a very well-known and established brand in the music industry. They manufacture exceptionally high-quality products for the average audio lover. The company was formed in 1989 and The Music Group is its parent company. With the experiences of many professionals combined, Behringer was able to create an unrivaled device. Any other manufacturer would sell it for $3000+ but not Behringer.


Live mixing is often a challenge for many people but the X32 makes it a very easy task because of how human-friendly the interface and software are. Older mixers by Behringer are usually perceived as tough to handle or very unintuitive. That’s the exact reason that Behringer revamped the way they create digital mixers.
As a user of the X32, you should expect constant updates and regular improvements. Behringers customer support is absolutely great so if you encounter a problem you’ll get it fixed in a couple of hours!

behringer x32

Here are just a couple of features that are included with the Behringer x32 are. A very good 40-input, 25-total-bus digital mixer, and a USB flash connection. You also get an incredibly powerful scene management, intuitive design and highly configurable faders for more control.

The X32 is no joke when it comes to allowing the user to control what’s going on. The number of inputs and outputs are baffling because of the mixers surprisingly compact size. Some more expensive digital mixers don’t even come close to the number of features you get with the X32. You don’t only get a huge amount of inputs and outputs but you also get 32 great-sounding gain-programmable mic preamps that have six 1/4″ TRS aux inputs and 16 balanced XLR outs. You also get plus balanced control room outputs on both XLR and 1/4″ TRS connectors. The X32 lets you do large shows without fear of running out of I/O!


The sound is something that can’t go unnoticed when this digital mixer is used. The number of programmable amps gives the Behringer digital mixer an advantage over similar mixers. If you’re looking for a mixer that has a ton of built-in effects then look no longer because that’s what the Behringer X32 has. With its large editing screen, you’ll definitely enjoy playing with this beast!
Behringer utilized Midas and Klark Teknik’s expertise to produce studio-quality mic preamps. The preamps deliver heightened dynamic range, superior common mode rejection, and vanishingly low harmonic distortion (THD).


X-USB recording interface card is included when ordering this mixer. This interface card allows the user to make, create and record tracks directly into their DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). This advantage gives you access to features like Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase, Studio One and more that allow for a very enhanced experience.

To summarize, the mixer comes with a ton of very valuable features than many future buyers will come to appreciate. The unit is amazing, versatile and most importantly powerful. A quick 30-minute setup is all that’s needed and you’ll be more than good to go with this mixer. From EQ to dynamics, to monitor sends, to recording, to effects, there is nothing this board cannot do. It has proven to be durable and reliable.


Units always fall short because making an absolutely perfect digital mixer is near if not totally impossible. What we might consider shortcomings might be nothing less than an inconvenience for you.

Firstly the manual that you’re given is not as good as what other manufacturers offer their customers because it can be quite hard to setup for someone who isn’t used to digital mixers. Another thing is that the channel driver selections are only in groups of 8 which allows for repetitive actions.

Behringer X32 doesn’t have a built-in router so just keep that in mind if that’s important for you.

Here’s a list of some more pros and cons of this mixer.

behringer x32


• Extremely easy to use. Both professionals as well as the amateurs and easily use it.
• Available at an affordable and reasonable price range.
• Great processing flexibility along with 16 FX plug-ins that are based on the exact physical modeling.
• LCD scribble strips and a 7-inch main display to enhance the usability for the user.
• Workflow enhancers.
• Sound quality offered is amazing and of high quality.
• A huge number of input and output connections.
• Ability to perform functions conveniently.


Though great everything has its flaws. For many, these “flaws” won’t stop you from getting the digital mixer.
• There is no channel naming done on the keyboard for the USB.
• The DAW automation only works one way.
• To get the best results from this device you need to have the tape saturation effect.


At the end of the day, this mixer is made by Behringer which means that you’ll get a very sturdy, professional and powerful mixer to work with. The amount of features you get is actually too many to count and although there might be some shortcomings they do not in any way decrease the value of the mixer. For a currently quite affordable I’d no doubt recommend this mixer to anyone who wants to really step their game up!

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